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Roadworks on Barrow Road – restricted access routes

Dear Customers,

It has been a very difficult few days with regards access to the Marina. LCC Highways have decided to now close both access slip-roads from the A6 to enable them to re-surface both roundabouts at once.

We were told by LCC Highways that this would not happen.

Current access to Flesh Hovel Lane is via Farley Way, Quorn and it will be via this route for the next few days at least.

I am also very concerned that due to the rainfall today, no workmen have been on-site every time we have passed the working area.

If you are visiting the Marina over the next few days please bear in mind the current access route and we will do our best to inform you of any changes as soon as they happen.

Quick reminder you can also follow the news on twitter @pillingslock

Apologies for the inconveniences you have undoubtedly encountered in the past few days but thanks for bearing with us in the circumstances!

All the best,

Paul Lillie

Managing Director


Daily User Berth Holder Meeting…

Many thanks to all of you who came to our meeting last night.

As a reminder we would like to ensure we have everyone who wishes to register as “Residential” on our list by 31st July 2012.

If you have any further queries we will be sending the presentation notes out by email and you can pop into the office for a copy if you wish.

Kind regards


28th July 2012 4th birthday Bash!

Hog Roast, BBQ, Band (The Unusual Suspects) and all the usual fun & waterside atmosphere at Pilling’s Boat-House to Celebrate 4 years of being here!

Tickets for the BBQ & Hog Roast are £6.00 which includes a £1 donation to The Baldwin Trust (our locally supported waterways charity) with a limit of 200 (for food) so contact us on 01509 620990 to purchase yours ASAP.

Admission Free after 9pm for The Unusual Suspects band and party on until 11.30pm.

Visitor Moorings are available – email us on

PS there will be a birthday cake too! 🙂

Car Parks…

We are undertaking an exercise to update our records of berth holder clients using the Marina and in particular we would like to ensure we have details of all of the vehicles that will be using the car park regularly. 

Many of you do keep us updated and we are very grateful to these people who help us keep track of who is on-site in a vehicle. 

The recent Electricity Pylon work & some random checks on the car park have identified a few vehicles which do not adhere to our very clear Rules & Regulations on Cars & Vehicles. These Rules are copied below this email for your reference. 

With parking space at a premium – especially during busy periods like the summer weekends and special functions – it is essential that the car park is used efficiently & we must remind people that we cannot offer storage for vehicles not used in conjunction with their marina berth & in accordance with our rules & regulations. 

As another reminder, the Concrete Hard-Standing Area by the workshop/slipway should ONLY be used outside of working hours of the slipway which are 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs Monday to Friday. Can clients please ensure they remove vehicles from this area before 08.00hrs on working days. 

Permission should be sought for any extra vehicles bought onto the Marina and we are reviewing the use of our car parks with a view to helping our Leisure & Daily Users park more easily. 

To help us gather this information correctly I would be grateful if you could please respond to this email with details as follows; 

Make, Model, Colour & Registration of any vehicle you may bring into our car park

(Cars, Vans, Motorbikes and anything else that requires a tax disk) 

Also let us know whether you are a Leisure or Daily User and your Berth number. 

Thank you for your time in getting back to us with this information.

Leicester Riverside Festival…

We’re all feeling a bit down today because the recent heavy rain has stopped us from getting our boats up to the Leicester Festival. We had planned to bring a 50ft Widebeam & our day-hire boat “Britannia” up to the show to give attendees the chance to see just two of the lovely boats we have here at Pilling’s Lock.
But every cloud has a silver lining as the 50ft Widebeam has just been booked by some clients for a weekend base whilst they attend the “Download” festival nearby!
This Luxury Canal Barge now forms part of our increasing on-site holiday let accommodation and can be booked via or by calling the marina office on 01509 620990.

Loughborough Canal Festival

It’s that time of year for our local waterway to get into the Festival Spirit but due to unfortunate weather conditions there has been obstacles to many boats getting to Loughborough.

I have spoken to show organiser (and fellow Pilling’s Lock Moorer) Jo Swift this morning and she has informed me that if anyone wants to bring their boat down to the Festival this weekend from Pilling’s Lock, there is plenty of room to moor up at present.

There is a range of fun and activities planned for the weekend and all the details can be found at

Pilling’s Lock will be running boat trips from the Canal Basin to the Boat Inn and we are exhibiting a Luxury 50ft Widebeam that is for sale on our current brokerage list. Visitors are welcome to come aboard and see what life could be like on a modern canal boat.

The weather forecast (at present!) is cool but dry so all visitors, boaters and stall holders should have a very enjoyable weekend. So if you can – this is a great opportunity to take part and support your Local Canal Festival in it’s 15th Year.

Drop me an email back if you would like any more information on 

And we do need your support so get involved and make this years’ show a great success!

Telephone Lines

Just a quick reminder about company policy on the installation of telephone lines to boat moorings.

We are happy for this to happen provided the procedure below is followed;

  1. Any customer requesting that BT landline is installed MUST first make a request in writing to the Office Manager (Paul Lillie or Jayne Tomlinson)
  2. The request MUST then be authorised by the Office Manager and they will detail the basis on which we will allow the installation.
  3. BT / Openreach MUST supply us with a Contact Manager (direct telephone number and email) to call in relation to any aspects of the installation at the local depot.
  4. BT / Openreach must also pre-agree a compensation payment to be made if Pilling’s Lock Marina suffer any loss of telephone or broadband as a result of the installation process.

Any time spent by Pilling’s Lock Marina staff concerning the installation of any private telephone line will be charged at £35 per hour inc VAT.


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